About T'ND


Fresh, commercial design with bags of style and great value for money, created with positive energy and the belief that design improves daily life and makes you happy!

Tumble 'N Dry is the daily kids clothing brand. The love of beautiful, functional items, a fresh use of colour and the belief that design is a means of improving everyday life. The personality of Tumble 'N Dry is characterized by the idea that hip and functional everyday fashion contributes to the art of living well and being happy, and should be affordable to all.

Created in 2007, Tumble 'N Dry had the ambition to create and develop a fun, rugged, active and playful lifestyle brand.
The collections are divided into Boys and Girls segments. For both segments we created: 
Zero collections, available in size 50-68;
Lo. collections, available in size 68-98;
Mid.. collections, available in size 92-140;
Hi... collections, available in size 128-176.

The brand is originally a Dutch brand and nowadays available in more than 1000 childrens wear specialty stores in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany, East-Europe, Canada, Japan and more… T'ND expresses a friendly brand that is relevant to a large target group, with an international feeling that is attractive in all countries.

Are you ready to Tumble?